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Industrial and Engineering Modeling

This course introduces students to the discipline of Industrial Engineering, covering some key fields of application, some key IE processes, and some key IE methodologies. The course may use lectures, videos, case studies, and projects. A major focus of the course is "modeling," or creating abstract and computational representations of IE problems, and using these representations to aid decision-making. Specific modeling approaches, tools, and methods will be introduced, and students will be required to use basic computational tools. Coverage includes projects involving information collection, data acquisition, analysis, and presentation, as well as the motivation and use of analytical, algorithmic, conceptual, and computational models.

  • Exposure to a broad context of IE problems and domains.
  • Familiarity and facility with data collection techniques in a broad range of IE problems and environments.
  • Ability to describe IE problems verbally and with descriptive models.
  • Ability to present multi-dimensional information effectively.
  • Understanding of basic concepts of experiments, simulation, optimization, and dynamical systems.
  • Ability to recognize characteristic patterns and features in the cases and problems, and identify appropriate methodologies for analysis, modeling, and design.

Process : The instructional process for this course involves four components: lecture, recitation (lab), homework, and project.

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